Lamb Silhouette Ear Tag Livestock Award

Lamb Silhouette Ear Tag Livestock Award

A uniquely designed show lamb livestock award for your stock show. Give the youth at your show something different this year. Customize all wording to fit your show needs, or make the wording on the lamb fit for a barn or pen sign.


Each layer is 1/8" wood, for a total thickness of 1/4". The front layer is in dark stain, and the back layer in natural stain.  Measures aprox. 10" tall x 7" wide at the widest point. 


Each award is cut & custom engraved right here in our workshop. We take pride in making unique, well made awards for the youth of ag. 


Available under "Livestock Awards" tab with wording on background instead of lamb for $1.50 additional. 


Due to space on this award, we are unable to include your logo. We do have other awards that can accomodate your logo. 




    We do not accept returns, or issue refunds on our hand crafted items –except for the following reasons:

    -If our item arrives damaged due to our negligence in packaging, and you notify us within 24 hours of delivery. Damages caused by shippers will require you to file a claim with the shipper. Most of our packages are shipped Priority Mail with insurance.

    -If the item is a custom item, and we have misspelled a name or word on your custom item. Please note, we are not responsible for your misspelling on any order forms. Check and double check everything you send to us.

    If you are unhappy with your item for any reason, please contact us, and we will see if we can work out a solution.

  • Wood Product Disclosure

    Please note there will always be some type of variation to wood grain, color, stain, texture, paint, glaze, etc. No two trees are alike and any imperfections will only increase the unique nature of the piece. Wood characteristics naturally occurring such as variations in color, grain, mineral streaks, pinholes and knots are not considered defects. Color variations in wood are also a natural occurrence due to species, region of growth, age, etc. The purpose of online examples is a way to give the customer a better idea of the overall look of the final product, but not to show an exact replica. Wood by nature will undergo expansion and contraction movements as it compensates and adjusts to changes in humidity and temperature. We make no attempt to cover dings, knots, cracks, or dibbles in the wood.

    Therefore, you may also notice differences in your individual pieces if you ordered more than one.  We assure you that the same brands, and colors from each brand are used on all of our products. Therefore, differences due to wood grain are beyond our control.

    Some products look better with a dark stain, and some with a light stain, or natural sealed finish. We take pride in our cut, hand stained & painted items.