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Using the Imagination for Appreciation Gifts & Awards

Are you always wondering what to give your buyers or sponsors? What to give your favorite teacher, boss, or leader? At Creative Virtue, we let you use your imagination, and we will recreate any of our gifts or awards into a design that suits your purpose, no matter what it might be.

Corporate sponsors often receive the shiny metal plaque attached to the lovely wood backing, and we carry those. -BUT what if we took that lamb ear tag award, and changed up the wording a bit? We could

add your name, your club name, and even the corporations logo to make a great thank you gift for their sponsorship, or for buying your livestock project animal. It would definitely be something unique for them to hang on their wall.

Teachers are given mugs for nearly every holiday and appreciation event. There's only so many mugs a person can have, or want (but we have them). What if we took that award cutting board, and added the teacher's name to the bottom so he/she could display it, and even use it, in their kitchen. A unique appreciation gift that isn't "just another mug".

4-H Leaders and FFA Advisors often end up with baked goods, and a hand written thank you note, and we have the stationary. -BUT what if we took that crate award with the leather patch, and added the teacher or leader's name with a thank you message? You could fill the crate with

Perfect for keys change and pocket contents
Full Color Snap Tray Gift or Award

your baked goods or candy, insert the card, and they could use the crate over and over again, always reminded that you appreciate them.

Bosses are another group that end up with mugs, or pen sets (we have some of those too), but what if we customized

the wood and leather hat rack with the company name, or home sweet home, or office sweet office, or any phrase you come up with? The boss would absolutely think you put more time and energy into their Christmas or appreciation gift than your co-workers.

All of these people have down time, whether you think they do or not. What if we took

our custom wood checkerboard, and made Dad an engraved board with a

nifty saying for his man cave? Better yet, what if we made the checkers golf balls and golf tees? Maybe a teacher would like his checkers to be books, and a globe. Or your hog breeder may want gilts and barrows for checkers!

I guess, my point is, anything we make can be altered to fit any occasion, and that is what we pride ourselves on here at Creative Virtue. We go above and beyond every single time to be sure that our customers are satisfied with unique quality gifts.

So, use your imagination, and let us know what you think someone special in your life would lik

Custom information engraved to hang on back pack, keychains, briefcase, or luggage. A great luggage tag for those who travel.
Livestock Leather Ear Tag Keychain or Backpack Tga

e to receive as an appreciation gift, Christmas gift, or birthday gift.... or of course, an award.

Perfect for Boss, teacher, advisor, buyer, sponsor and mom and dad gifts!


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