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Creative Virtue Crafts does not sell or distribute customer information from this website or our Facebook page, or any other type of social media. There is no implied guarantee associated with the page or business, the company is not liable for losses incurred through use of the page, links found on any Facebook page do not necessarily represent recommendation of other businesses or products by Creative Virtue Crafts, and we are not responsible for technical issues on our website, Facebook or any other type of social media that directed you to this site. Creative Virtue Crafts is not part of any other business, nor does Creative Virtue Crafts own any other business either brick and mortar or online. Although creations may be similar to others found online, all creations are made in our studio from products and supplies purchased by Creative Virtue Crafts via a brick and mortar or online file system. 

Should you have any questions regarding any part of this disclaimer, or require additional information, please reach out to us via email or social media private message. 

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