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What's in the company name? Creative Virtue Crafts

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Some people may just pick a name out of the air -related to the street their business is on, the city they live in, their favorite show, Alpha so it falls first in line one alphabetical searches, or any other personal reason they may choose their company name. Choosing a company name for me was not easy, but knowing what kind of name I wanted was easy. The entire process took a few weeks, and although you may not see its value when you come across the name Creative Virtue Crafts on the internet, or at a show, I can promise you, there is value in the name.

I am a 100% believer in the Power of God, and 100% wanted to glorify Him in what I was doing with my business -from the name to the products. I searched and searched for verses that described me, inspirational words that described me (and what I wanted to create). I kept coming back to Virtue. However, I wasn't sure how to put Virtue into a name. I prayed on it. I prayed that if I could be successful that I would honor God in all of my products, and inspire people online.

Once I had decided on Virtue, I was stuck with how to put it into a name. Was it going to be Virtuous, Virtue, or what? I scoured the thesaurus, the internet, the dictionary, and the Bible. I prayed and prayed. Again, praying that I would choose a name that would speak on its own what my business represented, and that my products that I was creating would be pleasing to Him.

The name I finally decided on was Creative Virtue, BUT was it taken? Again, back to the internet, especially Facebook. I searched for the words Creative Virtue. I didn't want to be the same as an existing business (which by the way is super important when potential customers trying to find you online). I only found ONE Creative Virtue. It was some type of online company out West. That is when I decided there were few enough of them that I would also add the word Crafts - 100% original - as far as I could tell.

Anyway, that is the long story that could have been much shorter explaining how I chose the name, and what it means to me. I have stood by that promise, and you will not see products on Facebook or anywhere online made by Creative Virtue Crafts that go against what I originally set out to do -Glorifying him, and making inspirational products for my customers.

So, if you decide to go into business, I would first encourage you to pray on it, and then I would encourage you to do some research. Don't name your business after something 1,000 other people may have named their business. Be unique. Be special.

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